San Mateo County is preparing a voluntary Part 150 Noise Compatibility Study in accordance with Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations, Part 150 (14 CFR Part 150) for San Carlos Airport.  The study is a cooperative effort between the County and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).  The Part 150 Noise Compatibility Study, which is funded through Airport funds and by a grant from the FAA, is designed to evaluate the existing and future compatibility of the Airport with neighboring areas, as well as examine new or different noise abatement techniques and land use measures which may prove to be beneficial.  It is important to understand what this study does and does not do:

A Part 150 Study:

  • Identifies the current and projected annualized aircraft noise levels at San Carlos Airport using the Community Equivalent Noise Level (CNEL) noise metric.
  • Identifies impacts to noise-sensitive land uses in the airport environs.
  • Evaluates strategies to reduce the noise impacts above 65 CNEL from aircraft operating to and from San Carlos Airport through changes in aircraft operations or Airport facilities.
  • Where aircraft noise is projected to remain above 65 CNEL, encourages future land uses which are compatible with aircraft noise, such as commercial or industrial in undeveloped areas.
  • Determines methods to reduce the adverse impacts of noise above 65 CNEL in existing residential areas which are expected to remain impacted by noise.
  • Establishes procedures to implement, review, and update the program.

A Part 150 Study does not:

  • Evaluate aircraft operations from other area airports.
  • Consider other types of impacts (air quality, accidents, etc.).
  • Use noise metrics other than CNEL to determine noise impacts.
  • Provide justification for an Airport’s expansion.

The study will include opportunities for input through Public Information Workshops.  This website will host project-related materials and announcements of public meetings during the study process.  For more information regarding the study, please contact Gretchen Kelly ( Manager of San Carlos Airport or David Fitz ( with Coffman Associates.